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2021 Season:
A Friend of Mine

Our friendships open our eyes, minds and hearts to the world around us. We discover points of view that vary from our experiences and challenge our belief systems through storytelling: “There’s a friend of mine who…”, “Well, I used to think that until a friend of mine told me about…”.

In 2021, Dreambox Collective explored transformations that take place in the self when we are seen, accepted, believed, respected and trusted by our peers. Sometimes, a single friend can make all the difference. Between loneliness and belonging, there exist the vast complexities and challenges of our relationships with others. Within the collective, our friendships are constantly being renewed as we grow individually and create together. This growth is in large part thanks to you – our audience – who have engaged with us on our journey over the past year.

We hope you’ll join us, as friends of ours, to explore the worlds of intersectional feminism, neurodiversity and access to education in our 2021 concert series!

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