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About Us

We are a Sydney-based musician and artist collective passionate about understanding how we can live on this changing planet together, and transform our creative goals into reality hence the name, Dreambox Collective. We produce works and facilitate performances to create meaningful connections for positive social impact.

Dreambox Collective artist team
Chloe Chung: Artistic Director, flute, dizi

Alexis Weaver: composition

Alice Chance: composition, voice

Amos J: pipa

Carlo Antonioli: composition, conductor

Deepka Ratra: voice

Jolin Jiang: composition

Katarina Grobler: piano, trumpet

Liz Yung Cheung: visual artist, composition, erhu

Pavle Cajic: composition, piano

With assistance from

Antonia Berg: blog editing

Charles Penfold: videography, post-production

Jeffrey Cheah: photography, videography

Jess Xu: concept design consultation

Natalie Saar: editing, UX design

Tony Ling: photography, videography

Artist biographies

Chloe Chung: Artistic Director, flute, dizi


Chloe Chung is a celebrated cross-cultural flautist, playing Western classical flute and dizi (Chinese bamboo flute), teaching music, and collaborating with others to foster unexpected musical forms and connections in Sydney. Her passion for creativity, sustainability, and education are central to her work as an active performer, optimal movement coach, and creative director.

A passionate educator, Chloe is currently Academic Lecturer of Flute at AIM (Australian Institute of Music) and teaches dizi at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. In 2019, Chloe founded the Dreambox Collective.

Chloe Chung
Alexis Weaver

Alexis Weaver: composition


Alexis Weaver is a composer and sound artist based in Sydney, Australia. Alexis grew up on the South Coast of New South Wales learning flute, voice and harp before commencing study at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2014. She now draws on this classical music upbringing in a slightly different way, creating whimsical and adventurous electroacoustic works which celebrate the emotive and visceral qualities of recorded sound. While her principal interest lies in composing fixed-media acousmatic music, she has also composed soundtracks for animation, short stories, radio, dance and theatre, and has recently composed for a series of Australian podcasts. Alexis completed her undergraduate studies in Composition in 2017 with First Class Honours, then completed a Master of Music in 2020, then decided that she was so comfortable at University that she may as well stay there. Alexis continues to work as a lecturer and tutor at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, as well as various other faculties who will tolerate her nonsense. She plans to continue her work in the Nano Institute developing sound-based learning tools through a PhD commending in 2022. 

Alice Chance

Alice Chance: composition, voice


Alice is a sought-after composer, conductor, arranger, and lyricist. Her works are performed in concert halls (Sydney Opera House, The Kennedy Centre, City Recital Hall Angel Place) and cathedrals (St Mary’s Cathedral Sydney, Stanford Memorial Church California, Trinity Church Wall St New York City). But her music is also sung in auditoriums, paddocks and showers all around Australia.

Two-time finalist in the APRA Art Music Awards for Vocal/Choral Work of the Year, Alice has created music for groups including Ensemble Offspring, Gondwana Choirs, The Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, The Australia Piano Quartet, Ella Hooper, Sydney Children’s Choir, Moorambilla Voices, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra Fellowship, The Kodaly Association, Adelaide Chamber Singers, the Song Company, Musica Viva, Barangaroo Delivery Authority, and Acacia String Quartet. Alice graduated with First Class Honours from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Amos J

Amos J: pipa

Amos J completed a Bachelors Degree in Performing Arts at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 2018 under Associate Professor Shuyin 舒银. He is currently a post graduate research student in the Master of Music (Performance) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music under Dr Catherine Ingram and pipa virtuoso Ms Liu. Amos was recently was student representative of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music attending the SEADOM (South East Asian Directors of Music) conference in Jogjakarta. He is also the first Malaysian pipa scholar to be admitted into the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. 

Carlo Antonioli

Carlo Antonioli: composition, conductor


Carlo Antonioli is one of Australia’s most promising young conductors and multi-faceted musicians. He currently serves as the Cybec Assistant Conductor Fellow to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and previously served as the Assistant Conductor to the West Australian Symphony Orchestra. He has also assisted Vladimir Ashkenazy and Simone Young at the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, and worked with Canberra Symphony Orchestra, Australian Youth Orchestra and Sydney Youth Orchestras. He has conducted the Australian Doctors Orchestra, and has been a regular conductor with the Eastern Sydney Chamber Orchestra and Orange Symphony Orchestra, returning frequently to both since 2018. An avid musicologist, his article on Strauss’s Metamorphosen has been published in the Sydney Undergraduate Journal of Musicology.

Deepka Ratra

Deepka Ratra: voice


Australian born soprano of Indian heritage, Deepka Ratra is a passionate vocalist, actress and entrepreneur. Deepka takes an immense amount of joy in ensemble and concert work. She recently performed for a touring ABBA show, The Seven Sopranos, Justene William’s A Sonorous Body for the Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, and for the Hans Zimmer Live Concert at Qudos Bank Arena; a particular highlight of her career. 

Jolin Jiang

Jolin Jiang: composition


Equipped with 18 years of classical musical training in Shanghai and Sydney, Jolin Jiang is a passionate composer, orchestrator, pianist, singer, guqin player and music teacher who expresses music with her cross-cultural personality and artistic instincts. Jolin’s current musical style is influenced by her international upbringing, her love for music in the Romantic era, 19th century French music and traditional Chinese music. Her compositional focus is on storytelling, portraying landscape, nature and emotions using both Western orchestral instruments and electronic sounds. In 2018, Jolin was selected as one of the finalists for San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival.


Awarded the Excellence Scholarship from the Australian Institute of Music, she is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Composition and Music Production, with a special interest in Chinese ethnomusicology. 

Katarina Grobler

Katarina Grobler: piano, trumpet

Katarina Grobler is a young Australian pianist, who specialises in performing works by Australian, contemporary, and less well known composers. She is a multi-instrumentalist, and has experience performing in classical, jazz, contemporary and pop music styles. She is a passionate teacher with a full studio of young piano students and regularly accompanies instrumental students for AMEB exams. She holds a Bachelor of Music (Performance) from the Sydney Conservatorium, having studied under Dr Paul Rickard-Ford and Bernadette Harvey, and is currently studying privately with Gintaras Januševiius (Hanover, Germany).

Liz Cheung

Liz Yung Cheung: visual artist, composition, erhu


Liz Yung Cheung is an avid scribbler and doodler in notebooks, on furniture, and on their own non-dominant arm. Having spent most of their childhood drawing career on horses (and subsequently monsters), a recent experimental stage has brought them to digitally painting original characters from Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, as well as crafting sharpie-on-paint-sample comics and pen-on-paper portraits. They may draw on your arm upon request! Liz also enjoys messing around with the skeletal sounds of instruments through composing and improvising, compiling the noises your teacher tells you not to make during lessons. In their spare time, they can be found patting a chonky grey cat named Claude, knitting/embroidering, sipping tea, practising activism, and writing things like poetry and shopping lists. Liz’s illustrations are made on unceded Aboriginal land, and they pay their respects to the traditional custodians, the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation and the Darug and Gundungurra peoples in the Blue Mountains, and elders past, present, and emerging.

Pavle Cajic

Pavle Cajic: composition, piano

Pavle Cajic is a composer and pianist currently living and creating on Gadigal land (Sydney). His reasons for composing are varied – often, as an outlet for feelings or responses to art or the people and world around us that are too special to be forgotten – other times, for the purpose of bringing people together in ensemble works to experience the joy of collective music making!

Pavle holds a Bachelor’s degree in piano performance from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. He has performed his own and other’s music on piano or as conductor in Australia, New Zealand, Italy, and Norway. He has been particularly supported in the creation and performance of works involving solo violin by Norwegian violinist Ole Bohn.

Pavle is involved in a number of initiatives using music as a vehicle for social change or justice, including being on the artist team for the Voces Caelestium Charity Concerts, and a member of the Dreambox Collective. He also regularly performs with Chloe Chung (artistic director of the Dreambox Collective) as the flute-piano ‘Sidere Duo’.

Pavle’s time away from music is spent studying physics with occasional diversions into mathematics, doing origami, and practicing activism often with the grassroots Stop Adani and Extinction Rebellion movements.

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