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In this concert, we explored what access to education looks like in Australia, how inequality still manifests itself in certain areas, and the role school education has in determining future prospects for an individual. To help us explore these social issues, our guest speaker Hannah Morris led a discussion covering her experience and work in education leadership.

Coming out of the 2021 lockdown, education and the role and value of teachers in our society was brought to light with the move to online learning. Many families gained a deeper insight into what their child’s school education curriculum looks like through home learning, and gained more appreciation for everything that teachers do in order to provide quality education for students across Australia.

As many of us have had a unique experience of education either here in Australia or overseas, in collaborating for this concert our Dreambox artists created pieces that highlight the value of teachers in our society and offer a glimpse into music teaching in particular.

We hope that through this concert, audiences will become more aware of social issues in the education system, reflect on the privilege a high-quality education can grant, and perhaps be reminded of a teacher who changed their life or deeply impacted their journey.

Our audience from “The Sky’s the Limit” (screenshot art by Liz Cheung)

A portion of ticket proceeds was donated to Children’s Ground, an organisation working with Aboriginal communities to create a world in which children and families can enjoy lives of opportunity and agency, free of economic poverty, through a multitude of platform areas including learning and wellbeing.

Dreambox artists in this project

Guest speaker: Hannah Morris

Hannah has received a Bachelor of International and Global Studies and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Sydney, where she served as a Board Director and President of the University of Sydney Union. She is also an alumnus of Teach For Australia’s Leadership Development Program, where she taught English and Humanities at a low socioeconomic school in Darwin, Australia whilst concurrently completing a Master of Teaching from Deakin University on scholarship. As Director of Customer Success for social venture High Resolves, she launched a suite of online education products that developed young people’s citizenship and leadership capabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, she is admitted as a lawyer of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and has interned as a children’s lawyer with the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency.

She is currently a Master’s in Education (Education Leadership, Organizations and Entrepreneurship) candidate at Harvard Graduate School of Education, due to graduate in 2022.

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