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2020 Season:
What I Know About Love

We all know something about love. Experienced it in its various forms, felt it, held it, knew it even if you didn’t dare use the word. To dwell upon this subject matter is to examine our clichés, our insecurities, fragility, weaknesses, our hopes and dreams for a “better” world – a caring world where we are accepted in all our shades, moods and variables, including our darkest mistakes and our brightest dreams.


This concert series challenged us as a collective to tackle this complex subject of “love” as artists, musicians and creatives. We created bodies of work that reflected our learning experiences as we immersed ourselves in species conservation, marine conservation and mental health. To love is to hope and to dream and to care… we hope we’ll meet you in the middle on this journey.


This debut season, originally envisaged as four live concerts, was radically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and transformed into a series of online events and experiences. You can access these experiences and find out more by clicking on the banner pictures below.

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