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You can purchase a recording of the concert for $10 here

“A Space of One’s Own” was a creative exploration of our relationship to home, and what it means to build a safer, more supportive environment in our own lives, as well as for others around us. It’s an acknowledgment of the various factors that impact women’s lives and how communities come together to create an environment where all women can thrive. The program featured the premiere of a four-part a capella composition by Deepka Ratra, a series of improvised musical games by Chloe Chung and artworks by Sandra Brand.

Dreambox Collective artists visiting the Lillian Howell Project, March 2021

Dreambox Collective partnered with the Lillian Howell Project (Lillian’s) for this concert. Lillian’s is a specialist homelessness service providing medium to long term 24 hour, on-site gender-specific supported housing for up to 13 young women and girls from the age of 13 to 17 years. Lillian’s has been operating in Sydney’s Inner West since 1988. We would like to thank Vivian Stavis, manager of the Lillian Howell Project, who joined us as guest speaker to share an in-depth perspective about the work they do in the education, care, and support of young women in Sydney.

Dreambox artists in this project

Guest speaker: Vivian Stavis, the Lillian Howell Project

Vivian Stavis is the manager at the Lillian Howell Project (Lillian’s). Lillian’s is a refuge, situated in the Inner West, providing medium to long-term, 24 hour supported housing for up to 11 young women and girls from the age of 13 to 17 years. Lillian’s aim is to provide these young women, who are survivors of child sexual abuse, neglect, homelessness or family violence, with an inclusive, stable and safe environment.


Vivian has worked in Community Services for over 15 years, with experience working with Domestic Violence and Adult women survivors of child sexual abuse. She has a passion in working with and empowering women and children since the start of her career and is proud of her achievements, especially at Lillian’s, where she has been the manager for 7 years, and believes this is the best job she has ever had!


In 2015, Lillian’s was awarded the Edna Ryan Award for community activism and feminist activity within the community. In 2019, Vivian won Westfields Local Hero and Lillian’s was awarded $10,000 to provide workshops and social outings for the girls and in 2020 Lillian’s and Good Shepherd were awarded “Best Partnership award” for the collaboration to provide onsite counselling for the girls by Youth Action, youth worker awards.

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