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Tangaroa Blue x Dreambox Collective bring you: "Big Blue" Coming today!

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

We're thrilled to be amplifying the work of Australian marine conservation organisation Tangaroa Blue through creative means these past few months.

It has been a journey of learning, creating and discovery to collaborate with the Dreambox artists that have come together with some guest videographers on board, that we can't wait to share with you in our upcoming Zoom concert this Sunday.

Here are some pictures from our journey.

Dreambox Collective and friends emerging from our clean-up of a corner of Cooks River on Sunday, Mildura reserve Campsie on a sunny morning in late July. Thank you so much to Tangaroa Blue and Mathilde for bringing your expertise and equipment to our first clean-up!

After cleaning up, we categorised all the items for the Australian Marine Debris Initiative (AMDI) database. This open-access database is used by Tangaroa Blue and other institutions to trace the sources of rubbish, and enact preventative measures to stop the rubbish ever reaching our waterways. Of all the categories, the largest we found was plastic food wrapping, with over 400 items collected from just a 30 metre stretch along the river. We are now inspired us to be even more careful with our use of plastic!

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