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Nightlight was born out of the stories of our team members and our own journeys with mental health. We acknowledge that many among us are in the midst of this struggle, while others are providing support to someone close to us who is.

Our hope is that Nightlight serves as a reminder that there is always hope to be found in adversity, and strength to be found in community.


That is why Dreambox Collective chose to support batyr with the proceeds of Nightlight.


batyr is a for purpose preventative mental health organisation created and driven by young people, for young people. batyr works to smash the stigma surrounding mental ill-health and empower young people to reach out for support.


batyr does this by running programs within schools and universities for young people. To find out more, visit


If you are having a difficult time and looking for support, please contact

Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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Thank you!

Some of your thoughts...

Experienced at any time of day (and I’ve come back to this at different times to check!), Nightlight is a meditation on how deep the human soul can dive. Chloe’s intonation brings out layers of meaning from these words, while Carlo’s swirling music leaves an impression like memory.
I wasn’t expecting Nightlight to affect me the way it did, as someone who fills the day with too much busywork, constantly ticking things off the list. This multi-sensory experience allowed me to take a moment to feel the emotions which jump out of the screen. Lovingly crafted by many people, but delivered with such a concentrated result, this is a success in every way. Thank you for this beautiful moment in time, all of you!

Alexis W

27 November 2020

I liked it a lot. Beautiful images, music and words. I once lived on a large lake and often pushed off the shore. Like you, I dropped an oar one day and drifted, worried, but there was a floating nest, for me.
Thank you :)


26 November 2020

I loved it.. Presented beautifully but at the same time chilling the bones.
Nightlight, a mirror to our inner self that is tired and sore from the rocks we stumble upon in life, reflects on the despair, pain and dilemma in the deepest depths of our conscience.
A huge thumbs up to Carlo and Pavle for the extraordinary composition and performance! The team did a splendid job in producing Nightlight. Ultimately, lots of hugs to Chloe for all the blood and sweat she put through to make this happen. Being a personal friend of hers, the struggle is right in front of my eyes. Once again, kudos to the Dreambox team and I await for even more great things from you! Now, second round!

Amos L

26 November 2020

I really enjoyed it. Thank you very much.


26 November 2020

and exquisite illustrations! xx

Kate Reid

26 November 2020



Illustrations © Sandra Brand, 2019-2020

Poems © Chloe Chung, 2019-2020

Music © Carlo Antonioli, 2020

No materials from this website may be used or reproduced in any way without written consent from the copyright holders.

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