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As intercultural musicians bridging diverse musical worlds, this program reflects interweaving pathways to healing and greater connection through celebration, grief and creating anew. Traditional Chinese pieces evoke the festivities of Lunar New Year amidst chaos and grief, while new works that we’ve created as a collective are similarly joyous (“We’ll Be Back Shortly” for solo piano) and reflective (“Nightlight”, for poet and pianist – available in full as a multimedia artwork presented online).


The program concludes with the world premiere of “Gateway to Paradise”, a celebration of Chinese and Western sound worlds, written for soloists on traditional Chinese instruments (dizi – flute and pipa – lute) and Western string quartet. The timeliness of this piece being recorded at this moment in history is significant and brings a message of hope in what has been a tumultuous year in global relationships between China and the West.


Dreambox Collective Artists

Chloe Chung (dizi, “Nightlight” poetry)

John Jing Dao Ling (pipa)

Pavle Cajic (piano, composer of “Gateway to Paradise”)

Carlo Antonioli (composer of “We’ll Be Back Shortly” and “Nightlight”)


Guest string quartet

Amanda Chen (violin)

Dominic Azzi (violin)

Freyja Meany (viola)

Fiona Cheng (cello)


Carlo Antonioli: We’ll Be Back Shortly

Liu Dehai 刘德海: Terracotta Warriors 秦俑

Carlo Antonioli: Nightlight (excerpts)

Traditional: Kangding Qing Ge (Kanding Love Song) 康定情歌

Traditional: Jin She Kuang Wu (Dance of the Golden Snake) 金蛇狂舞

Pavle Cajic: Gateway to Paradise

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