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Coming to Our Senses: Full concert recording

Concert program


Chloe Chung, Carlo Antonioli

Song of a Hi

Pavle Cajic

Song of a Pi

Chloe Chung, Liz Cheung, Carlo Antonioli

Song of a Sigh

Guest speaker: Izumi Nago

Director, Musical Between

In conversation with Andrew Bukenya: Song of a Why?

Brad Gill, Liz Cheung

Song of a Try

Brad Gill

Song of Shining Eyes

Chloe Chung, Victoria Bromberger

Song of a Cry

Chloe Chung, Izumi Nago

Song of a Bye


To view the full concert program, click here.

Unfortunately we forgot to record the introduction and Song of a Hi segments of the concert, so we have re-recorded these especially for this recording!

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