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Beyond Binary: Part Two

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Concert program

Liz Cheung, Alexis Weaver Roadmap Remx: Ali

Liz Cheung visual portraits

Alexis Weaver sonic portraits

Featuring the voice and face of Alison Wormell (

Artist’s note: I wanted to represent some of the running (and riding!) themes and values that our portrait sitters were bringing up through using different textures, colours, and shapes. Here are some moods I drew from our conversations and question-and-answers!

For Ali, I emphasised elements of movement and momentum, fluidity, bounce, and boldness. Something in their mannerisms, even from within a still photograph, conjured adventure and generosity and celebration! We have found an off-road track to reach our destination in a different way.

Shane Liew I Love You《我爱你》

Shane Liew vocals, guitar

Amos Ling pipa

This piece was written by Shane and was presented to me on the day they decided to become official.

Being a part of the LGBTQA+ community in Malaysia is a challenge. We receive hate and discrimination, but mostly from the older generations. Thankfully enough, both our families were very supporting and loving and accepted us for who we are.

When we first knew each other, neither one of us were certain about how far we will go, what the future holds for us. Would our families tear us apart, or would the community we live in end our journey? But through love, we found a clearer path.

Both of us came from very different upbringings. Shane came from a very traditional family and environment, and did not know the LGBTQA+ culture in other parts of the world. I, on the other hand, came from a very open family, and travelled to a number of places in the world. This is the distance the both of us worried about. We taught each other, shared each other’s lifestyles. And eventually, we found out what was most important for us. Being ourselves.

Our love is not fiery. Our love is not hot and sexy.

But our love, is gentle, stable and warm.

We are both proud owners of a music centre. A LGBTQA+ friendly centre with no discrimination, hate, racism or prejudice.

Everyone is human.

Everyone deserves love. And dear, love ALWAYS finds its way.

Please enjoy our piece.

I Love You.

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